Mnemoria has been my baby since 2008, back when I used to call it “Kioku”. Things have changed, and it’s been rebooted so many times I can’t count. I want to get it right, I was still very unskilled to tell this story, and I still feel that way, but since I’m now working on Goodnight, the shorter story of the bunch, I have to push Mnemoria back. It would be insane to try and work on 3 comics (counting Settoru) at once on top of my university work, so unfortunately I am taking Mnemoria’s comics offline until I graduate in 2017.

Comic transcript

"Mnemoria" was originally drawn in SAI and was not properly formatted for printing.

Besides that, a lot has changed in the story that it needs to be updated one last time to reflect its current script.

It is VERY important that I do this (since this story means a lot to me) and the introduction provides very crucial points that require to be told effectively. Thanks for understanding.

You can check out my tumblr/blog for progress on Mnemoria here:

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