Comic Transcript

STUDENT 4: Oh, right - but did she ever say why?

HANA: Here, I'll take this to the teacher for you.

STUDENT 5: I don't know, ask her.

STUDENT 4: Not with Yakumo the Hann'ya* over there...

HANA: You look tired, you should head home and get some rest.

STUDENT 5: Saiyu! Don't call her that, we're not in middle school anymore...

HANA: Pack up and go home, okay?

STUDENT 5: Let's just go...

*in Noh theater, "hann'ya" or "hannya" is the name of one of the masks used in plays.

It snowed today.

It's kind of early for snow in Washington but for some reason it snowed today. I wonder if it had anything to do with this page I worked on?