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Mnemoria is currently on hiatus due to personal health reasons.

Mnemoria is a story about death, coping with loss, and outcomes worse than death. Otherworldly beings known as daemons maintain the secrecy of their existence through special undercover agencies meant to protect the human world from knowing what may prey on them and one such creature is the Cytotapilkutos, parasitic beings that feed off a human's life force and turn them into monsters.


Mnemoria is a modern fantasy comic written, drawn and published by Fey Nefeloma. It updates once a week every Friday.

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When a mnemoria from Japan is found hidden within a deceased agent's files, Absolüm, the executive director of NOVIS, discovers a conspiracy surrounding the Cytotapilkutos, a parasitic creature that feeds off the life force of unwary humans. Their investigation comes to a temporary halt, however, when they're appointed as the Director of NOVIS and must address Washington's own ongoing mysteries.