Set in Seattle, Mnemoria is an urban fantasy webcomic about reminiscing, death, coping with loss and outcomes worse than death. An undercover agency, tasked with apprehending the otherworldly and supernatural for disturbing human life, suddenly finds their jobs much more difficult when a mnemoria is found hidden within a deceased agent's records. A diverse team of misfits soon find themselves following a long, red string of conspiracies tying itself into a knot of uncertain end.


You can also read my comic online at Comicfury, tapas, and Webtoons! I won't lie, making mobile-ready websites is not my thing so your best bet for a better mobile experience is to go to these mirrors. However, this is THE place where I upload it on time, and where I have content warnings and transcripts added to every page.


Originally, Mnemoria was called “記憶 (Kioku - Memories)” but since it’s no longer anywhere near its original concept the name had to change as well. To be honest, I don’t specifically remember when I created the story, but some of the characters have been around since 2008, some that were not even part of it until later on. I'm not good at setting up milestones or even remembering the exact date when I started working on Mnemoria, so let’s just say that the anniversary date is October 6. :P

About the Author

Tools: CLIP Studio Paint EX, Cintiq 13HD, 0.5mm mechanical pencil, storyboard paper

Hi! I'm T.B. Harper, you can call me Blythe. I'm a digital artist from Washington who does freelance work for a living. My universal handle is Nocturne Nebula. I graduated from TESC in 2017 with a BA (the school has no majors!). I love storytelling through comics and consider it a unique narrative compared to art, film and literature- it requires the critical attention to literary detail all while stimulating the senses with its visual elements... or something like that, I'm not good at sounding all sophisticated and stuff.

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